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Daphne Weidner

Student Groups, Community Members Rally Against the TPP at Penn State

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 On Friday, January 31st, students from various activist and political groups, along with community members of the surrounding area, came together to rally against the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Fair Trade Penn State organized the rally, and students and leaders from Penn State Democrats and Students Works at Penn State (a labor group) joined to rally in downtown State College and raise awareness about the TPP and fast track to fellow students. Representatives of Pennsylvania American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization came out to show their support.

The student activists held up signs, handed out flyers, and had conversations with community members and students alike concerning the TPP and what they can do to stop it in its tracks. Because the majority of Penn State Students most likely do not know the potential dangers of the TPP, this rally helped facilitate a great opportunity to discuss this issue with the State College and Penn State community. We are striving to continue to raise support and awareness about the fight against the TPP!


Students, Community Allies Rally in Chicago Against TPP

Community Efforts to get Representative Mike Quigley to Vote No on Fast Track and Oppose the TPP!

By Helena Duecker

chicago rally

On Saturday, January 31st various groups organized by Illinois Fair Trade Coalition gathered in Lincoln Park, Chicago as part of the Intercontinental Day of Action against the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Faith, environmental, and labor organizations as well as students from DePaul University all rallied and marched several blocks to the office of Rep. Quigley.  Despite the extreme winter weather hundreds of people joined the march. Cars honked at the successfully large trail of people and even some onlookers decided to join in.

The Fair Trade Committee at DePaul has done a great deal to rally students and raise awareness. “As a committee we aim to teach students about the importance of fair trade and encourage students to get involved” writes an executive member. “The lack of awareness about the TPP is almost frightening. However, every student that learns about it is instantly infuriated and then our job is to turn that frustration into action”.  Earlier that week they hosted a teach-in to educate students about this detrimental agreement.

depaul rallyDespite the mass movement in Chicago against the TPP, Quigley has refused to choose a side while making claims to ease his constituents. Many are interested to see if these efforts can eventually sway his decision. Until then, it is important to continue to reach out through emails and calls.

YOU can help by continuing to pressure Mike Quigley and representatives in your area. Tweet @RepMikeQuigley and call your own representative at 


Today, we’re joining forces with dozens of other civil society organizations to send a unified message to Congress: the American people say NO to Fast Track trade authority.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 8.50.18 PM

Join us along with Reddit, AFL-CIO,, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, and so many more for 10 Days to Stop Fast Track: January 22-31st.

Share this link and take action against putting the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the Fast Track. For the next ten days, join us as we bombard our congressional offices with phone calls demanding they vote NO on Fast Track.

Then after ten days, we’ll drive the message home with our International Day of Action on January 31st. 


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